Safety Management & Consideration of Change

Safety Management & Consideration of Change

Safety management “seeks to proactively identify hazards and to mitigate the related safety risks before they result in aviation accidents and incidents”

While we cannot remove all risk from what we do, we are left in a situation when we must learn to work with and manage the risk; we need a method that will enable us to make risk-based decisions.

Learning to manage risk and make risk-based decisions as an integral part of the organisational structure.

Risk management offers you a key tool in that you can learn, evaluate and change based on learning from multiple sources such as safety reports.

While we consider risk in our environment, there are some areas which can be more challenging than others to appreciate, one such topic that can be a cause for concern if not managed is the management of change.

While change can come in many different forms such as personnel change, processes, regulatory change, equipment, aircraft and many more, what is important is considerations when we implement or propose change including for example:

– What is the intended response to change?
– What processes are affected as a result of the change?
– Do we have a contingency plan in place?
– How will we monitory the change?
– Does it create additional risk(s)?

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