CAMO Considering Aircraft Reliability Trend Monitoring

As a part of the CAMO function it is key to consider aircraft reliability and ensure that trend monitoring aid the approved maintenance program in being effective.

The range and depth of analysis and interpretation will depend upon your specific operation and the operation of the aircraft. It can be easier to consider the process in two sections: the data gathering (1) and then resulting actions (2).

(1) We might, for example consider some of the following sources and think if they can offer value by monitoring for the aircraft for which we are concerned:

• Monitor repetitive defects and ensure they are analysed, and appropriate action(s) implemented (repetitive defects might lead to revisions of maintenance thresholds and or tasks).

• Monitor Engine & APU for their respective health regarding monitored criteria taking appropriate actions as required.

• Review OEM (original Equipment Manufacturers) data such as Service Bulletins / Service Letters / Other technical notifications. Based on a review action, they may, or may not be required.

• Review reports (maintenance reports and pilot reports) ensuring appropriate maintenance actions if any are noted and adopted.

• Monitor component reliability based on overhaul provider (looks for negative trends or concerns)

Using such sources will provide a lot of information which can be hard to process, so visually displaying this is often important to represent trends and details.

(2) The data then might be used further where we can then look in a little more in depth at any noted issues and or trends considering factors such as:

• Component performance/reliability (TSO (Time Since Overhaul) /CSO (Cycles Since Overhaul) might assist here) & consider the reports form Overhaul (OH) shop for faults on components for non-scheduled component changes.

• System performance/reliability based on a similar criteria as above.

• Focused system & component failure trend monitoring analysis.

There is of course a methodology used to determine what does and what does not require action; what thresholds do we apply to ensure the information improves reliability.

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