An aircraft transition between lessor and lessee is a complex transaction

An aircraft transition between lessor and lessee is a complex transaction – one to which there are many different aspects to, across multiple key areas.

Ensuring asset value for lessor with lease conditions and meeting those return or delivery lease conditions for lessees.

The records review for an aircraft transition can begin well in advance of any maintenance input typically associated with a transition or redelivery; what items do you prioritise – such as aircraft the repair documentation review and when to start this.

To address a task such as an aircraft transition; one of the key areas is preparation and understanding not only of the tasks involved, but also the priorities.

Being “onsite” as a representative and managing tasks you should attend and have a summary from events such as a pre-redelivery meeting. A lot of important topics are covered, and you should ensure your awareness in important areas, such as the aircraft specifications, maintenance plan timeline, paint inputs associated and any shop visits (engines, gear or APU for example).

Consider getting “onsite” – Contacts – who are your points of contact & Access – do you need pass(es), visa or letter of invitation, quarantine periods and travel restrictions are also important at the moment.

The lease contract is an essential document to familiarise yourself with, as it will define expectations on both sides (lessee and lessor) as to the conditions the aircraft and associated records must meet.

Tools for the transition – technical records review plan; checklists for records review and also physical items; DSR (daily status report) and OIL (open Item List) for example.

Next customer “delivery” conditions if applicable (if you will represent the lessor for example) – this is vital so you can ensure the aircraft will meet these requirements, or you can identify shortfalls.

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