Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) review.

Last post we looked at some of the considerations regarding what an Airworthiness Review
Certificate (ARC) is.

An ARC review is performed annually, and a “full” ARC takes place every third year.

It is also worth noting that after an initial ARC review you can apply to extend the certificate without further review from the CAMO for a period of one year but that this extension can only be applied for two times and then a full review must take place. An ARC extension can only happen if the aircraft is deemed to be in a “controlled environment”.

The CAMO ARC review entails a documented review of the aircraft records and a physical survey of
the aircraft in a “Flight Ready” condition.

The review of the technical records will usually be performed remotely by the CAMO and will involve
sampling of;

*Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) Tasks.
*Airworthiness Directives (AD) compliance.
*Hard Time (HT) components for compliance and certification.
*Modifications for compliance and certification.
*Repairs for compliance and certification.
The physical inspection of the ARC will be performed on a “flight ready” aircraft and below are a
small sample of what is involved;
*Physical walkaround Inspection.
*Verify aircraft MSN, engine and landing gear Part Number and *Serial Number.
*Verify aircraft thrust (engine data plates).
*Check aircraft weights as per Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM).
*Visual check of Registration markings.
*Are the mandatory on-board documents and manuals in place.
*Checking cabin matches LOPA.

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