Aircraft Transitions and Leasing – Engines terminology and awareness

Aircraft leasing, particularly in technical lease reviews, entails understanding various terms and concepts vital to the aviation leasing industry.

One of these terms is “Green Time,” associated with engine leases.

A “Green Time” engine is typically older and has a limited remaining life on its key components, often termed as Life Limited Parts (LLP) or Safe Life Items (SLI). Such engines might come from aircraft set to be scrapped and are available at reduced lease rates or even purchase due to their reduced life.

Lessors, aiming to save on expenses and to ensure aircraft return in a specific condition, might opt to lease a “Green Time” engine and store the original engine.

This strategy helps to avoid costs associated with Shop Visits (SV) and prolongs the life of the original engine.

Another significant term in this context is EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), crucial for monitoring engine health.

EGT indicates the temperature of the exhaust after the fuel burns in the engine; as engine components, like turbine blades, wear or get damaged, they might not effectively convert the energy from hot compressed air.

This inefficiency might result in reduced thrust or core speed and o to compensate, the engine burns more fuel, increasing the EGT.

While there can be various reasons for changes in EGT, consistent monitoring of this metric is essential to detect internal engine issues.

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