Aircraft Transition – Delays

During an aircraft transition a delay is always going to have a negative impact for one party be it the lessor or lessee depending on which transition is occurring (Delivery & Re-Delivery).

With lease costs and delay clauses, the financial exposure can fast become large; it is an important consideration when considering factors such as the physical observations or findings from the review.

Some of the common delay reasons might include:

·        Delays from the MRO.
·        Modifications Compliance.
·        Issues with Repairs.
·        Title Engines in for shop visit.
·        Material availability, components, mod kits.
·        Airline focusing on in-service aircraft and operations.
·        Cabin reconfigurations.
·        Cabin appearance and parts availability.
·        Lessor requests.

By prioritising tasks and starting early where possible in some areas you can identify possible risks.

By beginning the preparation well in advance (especially for lease hand back) we can look to reduce any delay and reduce financial exposure.

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