Aircraft Return Conditions – Green Time Engines

When an aircraft is leased one consideration is always financial awareness; this is of particular note when considering high-cost items such as the engines.

When we review a typical lease and look for return conditions associated with an engine, then we might see some requirements such as:

“Each Engine will have no more than 7,000 Flight Hours since the last Qualified Performance Restoration and each Engine LLP will have at least 4,500 Cycles remaining to operate until its next anticipated removal.”

“Each Part of an Engine which has a life limit will have 4,500 Cycles remaining to operate until its next removal per the Engine manufacturer’s limit.”

These conditions can be an important consideration when returning off lease an aircraft engine; typically, an aircraft lease return is a scheduled event and has a lot of forward planning. Part of this awareness is looking at remaining life for the engines, trend analysis along with any damage / reduced inspections it might be carrying.

There might be cause to remove an engine for a period of time so that it will make lease return conditions and not need a costly overhaul for example. This is achieved by operating the aircraft with a different engine in the meantime.

This is where the term “green time” engines come in;  a green time engine is one that has a little life remaining (FH/FC) and can be acquired or loaned at a much-reduced rate – the advantage of these engines is that you can now for a reduced cost operate a “green time” engine, while allowing your return engine to remain compliant with the lease return conditions and save a costly overhaul.

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