Aircraft Leasing Mid Lease Review Engines, APU and Landing Gear

Mid Lease Review Engines, APU and Landing Gear

On one of our posts last week we highlighted some typical documentation that would be retrieved at a mid-lease inspection and in particular reference to Airframe, this week we have attached a sample of documents that may be requested for Engines, APU and Landing Gear.

Remember also that as the consultant representing the lessor you will be asked to format an opinion on your observances to determine if the Airlines has;

* Robust records systems and processes in place.

* Meticulous storage and upkeep of the records.

* Demonstrates hard copy and electronic files.

* A strong QA (Quality Audit) process.

* OCCM tracking system

* Comprehensive structural repair files

* Dirty Finger Print (DFP) certification process

* Proof of compliance on airworthiness items such as AD’s and SB’s.

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