Aircraft Leasing – Engine Return conditions in the Lease Agreement

Aircraft Leasing – Engine Return conditions in the Lease Agreement

Several our followers have requested some information on typical return conditions for Engines at end of lease (EOL).

The attached document will refer to typical Hours and Cycles that need to be remaining ahead of the next Shop Visit (SV); note you must be logged in to download the document.

This means the engine on the Safe Life Items or Life Limited Parts must have a pre-defined limit left to operate at lease hand back.

This is particularly important for an engine consideration as the lease itself might have requirements for a flight for paint and an acceptance flight so be sure to factor this in if limits appear close.

Additionally, it is common that life be determined by operating settings that were in use during the items service life – for example you might have 20000 cycles at 56000 lbs thrust and only 15000 at 62000 lbs thrust. Where an engine operated at both conditions you need to factor this in to determining the life remaining.

There is typically a requirement to review:

* Life-limit-part (LLP) remaining life
* Back-to-birth (BTB) review of technical documents
* Trend monitoring data
* Borescope inspections

The lease return conditions might well also state the need to perform a power assurance run on the engines and a bleed air check along with the need to have an agreement on a minimum EGT margin at maximum thrust while considering the Lessee’s operation and utilisation.

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