Aircraft end-of-lease maintenance check input / hand back checks

After a lessee has finished the lease period for the aircraft and they do not extend the lease then they will return the aircraft.

There is typically a maintenance input associated with the return and there is a lot of work that has gone in already to get the aircraft to this stage.

We need to plan the workload not only accounting for the aircraft maintenance plan but also for any additional work to meet contractual obligations as well as the maintenance plan requirements.

Representing an aircraft at the end of the lease (EOL) requires a significant amount of planning and preparation from both parties.

A Pre-Redelivery Meeting with the returning airline and lessor enables an opportunity to gather information, a successful meeting will have the following agenda.


Establish the location of the MRO visit, work scopes & timescale.

Consider any known Engine, APU or LDG Gear visits. 

Ensure knowledge of the Redelivery Conditions awareness.

Physical review/records review priority with all aircraft repair and the status to be advised.

Current interior configuration (LOPA) Vs Required.

Ensure the current Approved Maintenance Program (AMP) is compliant for lease and is any bridging check is due – this can be the case when an aircraft moves from one maintenance plan to another.

There are more topics for consideration and your technical records review may or may not be done on-site or at the location.

You can see how the considerations for the delivery need to be complete and considered in every way.

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