Airbus Daily Tasks – Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)

Airbus Daily Tasks – Sources and Considerations in (AMP) – Aircraft Maintenance Program – Development.

Creating an Airbus daily inspection document for maintenance involves a comprehensive understanding of various factors and sources, and we can consider a few factors when creating such a document. The Daily Inspections will form a part of the AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Program).

Source Documents and Information Variety: The process may involve revisions based on Airworthiness Directives (ADs), updates from the Aircraft Limitations Section (ALS), feedback from reliability programs, and other sources. The source of information can vary widely, emphasizing the need for a broad awareness in creating an accurate AMP.

Considerations beyond the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD): While the MPD forms the bulk of the AMP, other important considerations include:

ADs: Airworthiness Directives may alter maintenance thresholds and include Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs).

Service Bulletins (SBs): May also contain ICAs.

Modifications (MODs) and Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs): Both can come with their own ICAs.

Repairs: Structural repairs and evaluations often have ICAs.

Emergency Equipment Listing (EEL), Engine Manuals (EMs), Landing Gear, and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU): Each requires specific maintenance considerations.

Additional Equipment: Maintenance manuals or ICAs need reviewing.

Routine Maintenance Tasks can include daily and weekly checks. Daily tasks typically don’t extend beyond 48 hours, making them a regular function.

Utilizing the MPD Spreadsheet: Focus on non-range sensitive intervals and consider intervals less than a week for daily tasks. This includes tasks with intervals like 75 Flight Hours (FH) or 50 FH that don’t meet the weekly check criteria.

ETOPS/EDTO Considerations: Extended Twin Operations (ETOPS) or Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) require specific attention. The Configuration, Maintenance, and Procedure (CMP) document is a key reference for ETOPS/EDTO requirements.

Preflight Checklist Integration: Tasks from the Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) can be replicated in the daily inspection to ensure they are considered before a flight. This includes exterior walkarounds and safety exterior items.

There are some additional options also available in managing inspections, such as you might create a more generic daily inspection list for an aircraft type and handle some actions as out of phase (OOP) inspections and not include them in a daily inspection.

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