We can generate bespoke courses
for Lessee’s, Lessor’s and MRO’s
alike so please just let us know
how we can help you!



No matter what role we play when involved in aircraft we all have a part to play in an aircraft’s technical records.

We could be preparing records, auditing records for a
transition, or creating records in maintenance.


What is important to consider is the awareness of the industry standard required and why it is in place.

At IALTA we can generate bespoke courses to raise awareness or introduce the regulatory standards.

As an operator, when your staff carry out repairs or modifications, for example, understand what will be looked for during a lease transition, then they can provide a better technical record for preparation and review.

At IALTA we can create courses bespoke for Lessors and Airlines that will allow for an on-time, on budget Redelivery or Delivery.

The link here is awareness
we all focus on our own area, our own job and have our own goals. We can tailor a course or courses to suit the needs of your company or employee’s upon request

The cost savings that this training can present in comparison to the delay costs during a transition or review of records offers a very real and vast potential along with a chance to improve quality, understanding and increase the awareness of those dealing with your aircraft and assets.

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