Bonus Aircraft
Inspection Checklists

The checklists are designed to aid you in performing a walk around appraisal of an aircraft type. Use of the checklist during your survey will point you to look in important areas on:
Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 787,
Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 aircraft.

These guides are aimed at assisting a review or technical appraisal of an aircraft or asset.

The guides are not designed to be exhaustive but display with pictures common and high cost findings that could be beneficial to be aware of during any aircraft review or lease transition. Often covering possible defects where the cost association regarding money or time is high, finding these items early allows a realistic cost reduction and time reduction in the process.

All Program and Courses come with
Complimentary Toolkit to assist with the “How To”
  • Plans for the
    Records Process
  • Open Item List Spreadsheets
  • Review

These are downloadable attachments for the module for you to reference and use which include a plan for the Records Process, Open Item List Spreadsheet to record findings along with a Checklist to ensure that you complete all aspects that are required to review.

The Next Course we would
recommend depends on your
job role or requirements

If you have not already looked at the Structures & Sheetmetal module then this is a good area to look at. The Structures & Sheetmetal module will expand your knowledge into how we review the repair files and what to look for, but very importantly it will also guide you through a review of an aircraft.
This allows you to see the aircraft in different perspective as you appreciate the importance of what you see especially in relation to what is around it.


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